About Us

We have completed many different types of inspections.  All portions  of the property are inspected including all Exterior, roof, interior, basement, crawl space, attic, structural, electrical, air conditioning system, and plumbing.  We will notify the client of any item that is noted as an issue as well as some that may become an issue later.  We provide quality digital photos in our written report with every inspection.  You will understand every item by the time we are finished. We are not finished until you understand everything about the house and then some more. Unlimited consultations are included.

For almost 3 decades I have provided honest, objective, and thorough inspection reports. From the first contact with us through the inspection delivery and explanation of your report, you will experience the ultimate in professionalism. I inspect your house like it was my house.

My Qualifications

NC Licensed Home Inspector since 1995
5th generation builder
NC General Contractor since 1991
EPA Radon Mitigator for 10 years

MA Christian Ministries, Leadership Cognate, Liberty '16

JW Ramsey & Son Home Inspections 904 Parkwood Rd, Shelby NC, 28150, 704-460-4634

Tips for shopping for a home inspector

  • Don't shop! You are not buying a loaf of bread or even a car. You are purchasing the most expensive thing in your life. Now is not the time to go for an inspector because he is cheap. You don’t drive the cheapest car on the lot and probably don’t buy the cheapest piece of meat in the store. Why on earth would you trust your home purchase to the cheap guy?
  • If you are just shopping for a low price, we won't be your choice. We pride ourselves not on being cheap, but on serving you like we would serve our mother. Home Inspections are like most things in life. You get what you pay for.
  • Ask your other inspectors if they market to realtors. WE DO NOT. We feel that  it is a conflict of interest and those that do may be too worried about their next referral and may be somewhat less than 100% honest. No matter how honest they may be, the shadow of another referral may still be in the back of their mind, it's just human nature. Agents that refer us do so because they care about their clients. Most agents do not like us due to our honesty. They only use us when they are buying a house.
  • Ask your other inspector what his license number is. In NC, license #'s are assigned by when you took the test which is a good indication of experience. My number is 175. If your inspector is 1500 or more, he will not have the experience you need. We began before a license was required.
  • Ask the other guy how long he takes to give you your report. We offer same day service.

          If you can find an inspector with my experience, my low license number, does not market to agents, offers same day reports and is cheaper,  hire them.